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This family arose from the French and Indian War period, proliferated during the American Revolution, Fought the Americans who usurped their homelands, became involved in the War of 1812, suffered through Indian Removal, became successful Kansan farmers, were run out for their efforts, then settled for good in Indian Territory.  Now they reside in the Cherokee Nation, Eastern Shawnee Tribe and the Shawnee Tribe.  Follow our progress as we re-establish contacts with family members, other Shawnees and the many history buffs who follow this fascinating saga.

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A modern rendition of Shawnee War Chief Blue Jacket
in his Maumee River home near present day Defiance, Ohio.
Described by White Captive Oliver M. Spencer in a visit there in July, 1792
Click here to see Spencer¡¯s words

Bluejacket Family, Shawnees & Interested Historians;

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